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Session 3: The Session from Hell

So, every person in my cabin has some type of issue. They are homesick, or can't stop swearing, or can't stop rolling their eyes at me, or lost their shoe, the screen fell out of the window. "Lauren, is the concert formal?" "Lauren, I have a bloody nose" "Lauren, I want to go home" "Lauren, I need my face wash" "Lauren, why can't I walk around camp wearing a bra?" "Lauren, I left all of my food on the floor and now there is a mouse on my bed" "Lauren, I feel sick" "Lauren, it's too hot" "Lauren, where's our laundry?" "Lauren I had more than one item in the wash" (and I wasn't finished handing out the laundry) KIDS THESE DAYS! "Lauren, Why can't we stay up all night and have a party?"

Why do people ask so many questions? Some people just need to accept the fact that they ask stupid questions and should just stop.
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